Job at Aardman!

2011-02-07 13:17:04 by Neo-Egyptian

For all three of you waiting for the next Steve episode, you might have wondered where I've been for the last year. Well, after sending out roughly eight million CVs and cover letters over the year, I got a call from Aardman Animations offering me a job working in production on their next stop-motion feature film! I obviously can't go into a lot of detail as they haven't released a trailer yet, but suffice it to say I'm loving the job and, fingers crossed, I can hopefully work my way up through the ranks. Having even the slightest opportunity to be an animator with a company as prestigious as Aardman is a pretty big deal, so I'm going to try my best not to spoon it up.

Ironically, since getting the job I have had a lot less free time to spend on animating but rest assured, the Steve series is most certainly not dead. The fourth episode's script has been finished for ages now and it's easily the best episode so far, so when I get some time to myself I'm going to really start cracking away at it.

That's about all for now, you lovely NG people.


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2011-02-07 13:19:00

Well done, chap!


2011-02-07 14:45:20

im still loving your moviea


2011-02-07 16:05:03


Those lot are awesome.

Good work.


2011-02-07 18:31:22

that is awesome!
good luck, it would be so awesome to work for Aardman!!
Give us some behind the scenes pics and info!


2011-02-07 22:15:44

Grats on the job man, I have always loved Aardman since I first saw Wallace and Gromit, and my mom just adores the Shawn the sheep show. That really is amazing to hear.


2011-02-08 07:29:00

Dude, congratulations man! I hope you get a rewarding experience out of all this. :) Enjoy the job to the fullest!