2012-01-11 16:26:45 by Neo-Egyptian

Hello NG enthusiasts! Before I begin, let's get down the nitty gritty: after a year of working on Aardman's latest feature film I have done the unthinkable and quit my job. Before you start labelling me as insane for leaving the best stop-motion company in the world, the reason behind it is that the BBC called me offering me an edit job - which is amazing! I've just finished working on a new natural history series called MicroWorlds (name to change) and it was a brilliant experience. I really want to end up as a full-blown editor, so this is a great step in my inevitably slow media career.

Going back to my last few months at Aardman, the powers that be asked for blog entries from the crew for the official website and it turns out they picked mine as one to use - awesome! You can read it here:

http://thepirates-movieglobal.tumblr.c om/

Other than that, we hit the final deadline for getting the film finished and it was just the biggest relief imaginable. Even though we were consistently on time throughout the shoot it was still a gargantuan task and required the entire crew to just knuckle down and get on with it. After such a draining job, Aardman treated everyone to an amazing wrap party which included a free bar, free food, live music and even an actual ship which they'd hired out to sail around Bristol! It was incredible. Plus everyone had to dress as a pirate, a Victorian or a scientist, so that was pretty fun too!

Sadly there isn't much else to say about my time at Aardman, it was much the same as before (check my older NG blog posts) when I left. However, my year there was amazing and I was extremely lucky to meet such a talented group of people. Aardman itself is a very generous employer, both in terms of the way they treat employees and in the way they constantly give you more than they need to (Christmas gifts, bonuses, amazing parties etc). Speaking of which, all the crew have been invited to the movie's premiere! I will try my best to get a photo of me and Salma Hayek but something tells me I'll probably get piledrived by her bodyguards before that happens. Worth trying though, right?

As ever, if you guys have any questions about anything just fire away in the comments. Thanks for reading!



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2012-01-11 16:42:04

its sounds like you really enjoyed working there and i am glad you moved on and did something different so i wish you te best of luck in the future my friend :D

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