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Towards the end of last year my friend Isham hit the town looking for two things: love and alcohol. According to his housemate Alex he ended up getting very drunk and taking home 'the biggest munter of all time', so I decided I had to depict this epic tale in animatic format. Enjoy! .html

NB - while I love this short, it's a bit in-jokey and very brief, so I'm not really sure if it's NG-worthy.

New Cartoon - Isham's Sexy Night Out

A brief response to some Steve reviews

2009-07-20 09:17:11 by Neo-Egyptian

Hey guys, this is just a quick update to comment on a few reviews I've had for the Steve series. As you can see, I've actually been very fortunate with the scores/comments I've had for the series, but there are a few reviews in particular that I wanted to address here. Here is an example:

"Nice Quality but stupid physic: When Steve cover behind wooden doors - that may be killed or doors will be fail"

Ignoring the spelling here, similar comments have actually been left for both Steve 2 and 3, with people complaining about things such as (I kid you not) the size of bullet holes, gun models, how strong wood is, and so on.

The reason this bothers me is because, after three episodes in which Steve has fought time-travelling Nazis, office zombies, and has had a flashback involving a giant mutant squid, I have to ask - is it not painfully obvious by now that the series is not grounded in reality? The villains are ridiculous, the blood/gun effects are pushed to their extremes, and everything is basically a comically exaggerated version of how it is in real life. Furthermore, why is it totally acceptable for Steve to successfully fight an entire gang of heavily-armed Colombian drug dealers by himself, but if one of the bullet holes is a little too big, that's a huge realism problem?

In Steve 4, Steve is going to kill someone with a baguette. A baguette. I can't wait to read comments like:

"Nice MOvie, but braed cannot go thru aman LOL unrelstic"

Anyway, take all of this with a pinch of salt, I only mean this in jest. Still, it does bother me when the best parts of cartoons - to go beyond realism, to stretch things out, to comically exaggerate character movement and to basically just push things to their extremes - are called-out as errors. Steve will continue to blow people's heads off using regular handguns, and if I want him too, he'll also start killing people using lunch-time snacks. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Steve 4 is coming along nicely

2009-06-06 11:29:05 by Neo-Egyptian

Hey guys, just a quick update to let you know that things with Steve 4 are coming along nicely. The script is easily the best one in the series and I'm really enjoying the new art/animation style, which is a plus. I'll keep you updated with things as the episode progresses.

Steve 4 is coming along nicely

Steve 4 news and thoughts on Steve 3

2008-10-29 14:32:16 by Neo-Egyptian

I've made a pretty substantial post over at Questionable Films regarding my thoughts on Steve 3 and revealing some of the pretty big changes I'll be making to the series in Steve 4, so go check it out!


2008-10-20 17:07:02 by Neo-Egyptian

After 20 months of delays, The Everyday Adventures of Steve 3 is finally finished. For everyone who's been waiting for this episode, thank-you so much for your patience. And if you're new to the series, go check it out! It's a 9 minute 20, 16,000+ frame beast, so go get a snack and watch it here:

I hope you all love it!


2008-10-19 17:11:32 by Neo-Egyptian

The Everyday Adventures of Steve 3 is coming out TOMORROW!




2008-10-07 09:27:50 by Neo-Egyptian

Just a quick update to say that, if work and stuff at home stay as they are now, Steve 3 should be finished and released THIS MONTH!

Get ready.

Still working at it

2008-05-17 12:21:24 by Neo-Egyptian

Don't worry, I'm not dead - I am in fact coming to the end of my final year at university (I've got just under 2 weeks to go now) so I'll have plenty of time to get on with Steve 3 very soon. While I've been doing my dissertation (which is thankfully finished now) and revising, I have actually been able to get some more done, so production on the episode isn't at a complete stand-still. Still, there's quite a bit left to do, so I'm just gonna keep going at it until it's finished.

As a reminder, keep in mind the finished cartoon will represent roughly 3-5 months worth of work, rather than roughly 21 months which is how long it's been since Steve 2 came out. I'm certainly extremely pleased with how the cartoon looks and it is undeniably miles in advance of the first two, but I'm sure I could have made something even better if I had two years of completely commitment-free time to do so; unfortunately this never happens in that crazy thing called real life.

Anyway, thanks for all your continued support, I'm just unbelievably grateful that the last episode came out in August 2006 and yet many of you are still e-mailing me about the series and asking me about the third episode. You're awesome! Also, here's a picture of Jimmy's cubicle:

Still working at it


2008-03-28 09:20:11 by Neo-Egyptian

Mr Gunkiller recently asked me about the plot of Steve 3, and since I love it when people show interest in the series I thought I'd let you know what to expect.

In a nutshell, the boss (who we find out is called Sullivan) hasn't turned up at the office and Jimmy reminds Steve that he's very rarely late for work. After some minor detective work, the pair find out that Sullivan has got into trouble with a bunch of Colombian drug dealers and so it's up to Steve to catch the next flight to Colombia, find out where the boss has been taken, shoot some bad guys and BRING SULLIVAN HOME!

I was basically a little worried that the series' obvious format (there's a crisis, Steve shoots some guys, the end) would get stale very quickly if I kept things in the office, so I decided to take the idea a bit further and run with it. I've always said it's important to keep a series progressive, not just in terms of animation but also in terms of plot, so it's nice that I've done something a bit different for this episode. Future episodes will also have new twists and turns and all that bobbins, plus I'll be introducing the often-requested RECURRING VILLAIN in Steve 4.

As a final note, keep in mind that the series is and always will be about action and laughs, so don't expect any serious drama or water-tight plots. A lot of the series' charm (for me anyway) comes from the ridiculous pace and the fact not everything needs to explained - sure, I could have gone into more detail about where the Nazis came from in Steve 2 or why exactly zombies appear in the first episode, but I figure people enjoy watching Steve fighting these guys and 'cracking wise' rather than listening to him ask a bunch of boring, unnecessary questions. With that said, certain elements like the recurring villain and Steve's past with the company will be fleshed-out and have their own backstory, but this will all be in the name of fun and 'megalulz'.

So there you go!

Steve 3 stuff

2007-11-23 21:52:54 by Neo-Egyptian

Just a quick update to let you know that Steve 3 is coming along nicely, I'm hoping to have all the scenes with dialogue done by the end of next week. Although I'll still have the action scenes and some of the extras left to do, it's nice that I can actually see an end in site for the cartoon - for the majority of the year I've just had so much left to do and have kept putting it off.


Steve 3 stuff